Cool Consoles Collection

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(Purchase with MetaMask on Polygon Network)Only 15 MATICAll Mints are Randomized. Check out the Rarity Guide!

Contract Created by NFT Art Generator

5000 Total Unique NFTs
Featuring Over
80 Different Console Variations

Check out the Rarity Guide to see all the Consoles

Each NFT is Unique and Features 16 Digitally Drawn Game Consoles.This Extensive Collection Features Nearly all Game Console Releases from PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo!


Phase 1
-Build and grow the Cool Consoles Community.
-Showcase the Collections Artwork and Collectible Design.
-Mint the Entire 5000 NFT Collection.
Phase 2
-Rarity.Tools Integration.
-Massive Giveaways Exclusively for Cool Consoles Owners.
-Creators will Reveal their Identities.
Phase 3
Stay tuned for Future Utility Addition / Future Plans.

How to Mint?
(Purchase a Cool Consoles NFT)

* If the Minting DAPP isn't showing up, try reloading the site.In order to Mint, you need to install MetaMask and setup a wallet with funds.Log in to your account and switch to Polygon Network (MATIC Mainnet).Navigate to the Mint DAPP located near the top of the site.Connect Wallet to Site.Select the Quantity of Cool Consoles NFTs you would like to Mint. Then click the Mint button.Confirm the MetaMask transaction.When the transaction completes, you have successfully Minted!
You are now officially a Cool Consoles NFT owner!
You can view your Cool Consoles NFT(s) on OpenSea.


What is the Cool Consoles NFT Royalty Percentage?
The Royalty is only 5% (secondary sales).
How do I add Polygon Network to MetaMask?
You can manually add Polygon Network (MATIC Mainnet) by going to PolygonScan, and clicking on the "Add Polygon Network" button located near the bottom right corner of the page.
What is MATIC?
MATIC is the native cryptocurrency for Polygon Network.
What is the Price to Mint a Cool Consoles NFT?
Each Cool Consoles NFT costs only 15 MATIC. You can Mint up to 100 in a single transaction. There is no limit on how many can be owned per wallet.
What about Gas Fees? / Why Polygon Network?
Gas fees are almost non-existent. This is why Cool Consoles uses the Polygon Network instead of the Ethereum Mainnet. Polygon is a level 2 network based on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It allows for extremley low gas fees in comparison to the expensive fees associated with Ethereum. Polygon is fully supported by OpenSea.
Where do I Purchase MATIC?
There are various cryptocurrency exchanges which sell MATIC (Polygon). Some of the popular ones include TRANSAK and Binance.
It is not recommended to purchase MATIC off of Coinbase, since they send their MATIC as a token on the Ethereum main network. Which means swapping the MATIC to Polygon may incur an expensive gas fee.
The Mint DAPP / Button isn't Showing Up?
Try refreshing the page. Reloading should make it appear.
What if the Transaction is Taking a Long Time to Complete?
While transactions on Polygon are usually quick, sometimes they can be slow. If you don't want to wait, a lot of the time this can be solved by just clicking "speed up" on the transaction in MetaMask, and then increasing the Gas Fee to high. Since Polygons gas fees are ultra low, the additional cost is usually insignificant.
We recommend you also check out the Road Map and Rarity Guide for further information.

Rarity Guide


Each Square is Dedicated to a Console Lineup

There are 5000 unique NFTs in total. Each one contains 16 random digitally drawn Game Console models. Each NFT contains 1 Console model from each platform:(PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox, Switch, Wii U, Wii, GC, N64, SNES, NES).
Bonus: Limited Amount of NFTs feature a Sega Console instead of a PS1, these are Extra Rare!
Each platform has its own reserved square (so all models within the same platform will always be in the same spot). The squares are also color coded (R/G/B) to match the Console maker.The chance of getting each Console Model varies, check the Rarity Guide below to see the Percentage(%) Stats for each Console:

Console Backgrounds Have Been Color Coded To Reflect Their Stats:

Click on a Console to see the Stats. (%)






Remaining 20% is for Sega Consoles.

Xbox Series

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Xbox OG


Wii U






Rare Sega Consoles! Limited to only 20% of the Collection.

Instead of a PS1, you might get a Sega DreamCast or Genesis.
The Black DreamCast is the Rarest item in the Collection.

All the percentages listed throughout the guide are expected to be very close to the true representation. Some of the percentages have been approximated and may not be exact.

Insanely Accurate Artwork, Down to the Controller.

Enjoy Stunning Attention to Detail.
For an accurate depiction of each Console.

Zoom in and and analyze your NFTs artwork.
Here are just a couple of examples:

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The main intent of the Cool Consoles NFT Collection was to bring the fun and rewarding hobby of collecting Video Games into the NFT market.This is why the Collection packs in nearly all home Game Consoles from the 3 biggest Console brands. As well as an integrated rarity system influenced by the real world. Cool Consoles features over 30 years of Gaming history in a single Collection.

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And Many More...

All Game Console related artwork featured based on real world releases from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or Sega have excluded the use of any real logos or symbols. In place, all logos have either been removed or altered to look different. All drawings were created manually in a vector based drawing program. No automatic image to drawing software was used. Consoles were created to preserve their characteristics while keeping their own artistic atheistic and artists rendition. Everything is fair use.